Museo Arte Flamenco

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About Museo Arte Flamenco

Arte Flamenco Las Arenas is situated on one of the most visited squares of Barcelona: the Plaza de España. The location is within the Plaza de Arenas, a former bull ring which has been converted into a modern shopping center. The venue offers three nightly flamenco shows with options for drinks, tapas or dinner. The show offers a varied program featuring the most profound and personal compositions, including the tango, the Soleá por Bulerías and Seguiriyas, in which the performers give free rein to their anguish, and the more exuberant examples of the flamenco art, such as Alegrías, Bulerías and Tanguillos, which extol the festive spirit. Included is entrance into the Museum Arte Flamenco de Barcelona before the show which features a changing flamenco themed exhibit.