Clorian is embarking on a new phase in France with the launch of the Sémitour project. This is Clorian’s third international experience, following the establishment in Mexico of Gran Acuário de Mazatlán and Casa Luis Barragan.

The project with Sémitour makes Clorian the official ticketing platform for the 8 Sémitour venues in France. Of the different modules implemented, it is worth mentioning a complete online channel, opened on February 1st, where you can purchase the different products and visits, both individual and combined. As for face-to-face sales, this will be available on 9 February and will complete the process of full implementation of the Clorian platform.

Images of the replica of the Lascaux IV cave : Sémitour

About Lascaux IV

The Lascaux cave is one of the most important sites in the world with more than 6000 paintings and engravings dating back to prehistoric times. Its discovery was purely by chance by a group of teenagers in 1940.

The site was open until 1963 when it was closed due to the negative impact of visitors on the conservation of the rock art. However, in order to continue enjoying the prehistoric art, a perfect replica of the Lascaux Cave paintings was commissioned. The paintings on view are remarkable for their artistic skill and attention to detail with a palette of vivid colours and creating effects of perspective and movement that are incredible for the time they were painted.

Lascaux IV has 9,000 m2 of buildings that blend into the landscape, where the facsimile of the prehistoric cave is hidden, not only for its paintings, but also for the damp and dark cave atmosphere inside.

Enclosures such as those at Lascaux are some of the examples of the Clorian expansion into French territory. They are also joined by unique sites in the heart of the Vézeré valley, some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and welcome more than 700,000 visitors a year, making them one of the main tourist attractions in France.

Clorian manages ticket sales for these venues, which include:


Lascaux IV
Lascaux II
La Grotte du Grand Roc

Nature parks / Prehistoric refuges

Le Parc du Thot
Les abris préhistoriques de Laugerie-Basse

Castles / Historic Monuments

Le Château de Biron

Château de Bourdeilles
Le Cloître de Cadoui

If, like Sémitour, you wish to implement the platform in your venue, you can request a demo here.