Barcelona recovers the historic Boulevard Rosa on Paseo de Gracia. Clorian, the leading ticketing platform, becomes the official ticketing service of the new White Rabbit, the Off-Museum of Barcelona. After almost 6 years of inactivity of the Boulevard Rosa, the emblematic galleries of Paseo de Gracia will open its doors as a cultural space that will showcase the uniqueness of the city of Barcelona.

White Rabbit defines itself as ‘that local friend who guides you and reveals the best kept secrets of the city’. The old Boulevard Rosa will be given a new life as a place to have fun, while the visitor also gets to know Catalan culture.

Visit White Rabbit with Clorian

The exhibition will consist of a tour of 10 installations by artists linked in some way to the city of Barcelona, such as Tvboy, Mina Hamada, Carles Piera and La Fura dels Baus. The works of these artists will be located in the different rooms and will function as a kind of immersive exhibition where the public will be able to relive the Olympic Games or even dance as if it were Razzmatazz.

Clorian, the official ticket sales platform, has now enabled the online purchase process, with a renewed style, in line with the White Rabbit image. In this sense, Clorian has enabled 4 different products:

  • General Admission: gives access to the venue for a specific day and time. Price: 25€.
  • Families and Groups: gives access to the site with a 10% discount on the total price of the ticket. Price: 22,50€ per ticket.
  • Flexible ticket: gives access to the venue for any time slot on a given day. Price 35€.

White Rabbit, the Off-Museum will open its doors on 11 May, with an opening that will not leave you indifferent.

If, like White Rabbit, the Off-Museum, you want to implement Clorian in your venue, you can request a demo of the platform here.