• Visit the distinguished open-air museum of Eduardo Chillida through Clorian, by purchasing your tickets here.

Clorian delves into the world of Eduardo Chillida, one of the most important artists and sculptors in our country, with the management of tickets for his Chillida Leku museum. This unique space was created by the artist himself as a home to store his works and is a must-see for all art lovers.

A unique space for a unique artist

Chillida Leku s a space whose main objective is to universalise the work and thought of Eduardo Chillida. The museum was created by Eduardo Chillida himself so that future generations could get to know his art in a unique location.

The Comb of the Winds in San Sebastian is one of Eduardo Chillida’s most important works.

Clorian’s arrival

The Chillida Leku Museum is embarking on a new stage in its visitor management with Clorian with ambitious objectives such as significantly increasing the number of online tickets as well as achieving greater operational efficiency in internal management and distribution channels intended for the tourism sector (agencies, hotels, guides, etc.).

Permanent exhibitions

Sculptures and other works by Eduardo Chillida in steel-iron, alabaster, stainless steel, stone, concrete, wood, paper, earth, plaster and felt.

Museum activities

Chillida Leku is not only a place where you can not only be fascinated by the art of Eduardo Chillida, but also enjoy the different activities for all ages, related to the famous sculptor, from craft workshops for children to meditation or dance classes.

You can check out all the activites of the Chillida Leku Museum here.


General admission: 14€.
Groups of more than 10 people, students, over 65s: 10€.
Under 18s, disabled people and unemployed: 7€.
Children under 8 years old: Free admission

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