In the digital age, ticket sales have undergone a remarkable transformation. Increasingly, ticket purchasing processes have shifted to largely online consumption, and tickets are largely purchased from the phone. With the ever-growing travel industry, having an effective ticketing platform has become crucial to the success of any venue.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of 6 key considerations to take into account when selecting a ticketing platform for tourism and cultural venues:

1 – Ease of use

The ticketing platform should be intuitive and easy to use for customers buying tickets. The interface must be understandable and clear so that the user is clear about the most important aspects to take into account. In this sense, platforms such as Clorian allow a very clear purchase process with intuitive navigation. This aspect is key to achieving a good conversion ratio between users who access the website and those who finally end up buying.

2 – Compatibility with mobile devices

Nowadays, the vast majority of ticket purchases are made from a mobile phone. It is therefore essential that the ticketing platform is fully compatible with these devices. This ensures that customers can easily purchase tickets from their smartphones, allowing you to expand your customer reach.

3 – Personalisation

The ability to customise the platform according to the venue’s needs is a key factor in achieving a good user experience during the purchasing process. The platform must allow the incorporation of the venue’s logos, colours and messages. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of platforms such as market places, as they do not allow full customisation of the purchasing process. In this sense, solutions such as Clorian’s, which are fully adapted to the look and feel of the venue, allow the user to think that they are buying directly from the venue’s website, and not from the platform.

4 – Marketing Functionalities

Marketing is a strategic factor that can mark the success of a venue. In this sense, the ticketing platform must offer marketing tools and automated processes that generate a good shopping experience for the user. Venues should take into account these factors, such as the ability to send automatic purchase emails, discount code generation or a customer loyalty programme.

5 – Integration of distributors

With the importance of online sales today, it is very important that the ticketing platform allows for the integration of distributors to purchase tickets for third parties. This broadens the visibility of the venue in new channels. The more purchasing options retailers have, the easier it is to reach new audiences. Ticketing platforms such as Clorian allow access to distributors from a web portal created especially for this type of management.

6 – Analytics and reporting

A good understanding of customer behaviour is crucial to find the formula for success. Your ticketing platform should be able to run statistical reports on your venues. This will give you a detailed insight into the performance of your business, identify sales patterns, understand your customers’ preferences and make the right decisions.

In conclusion, choosing the right ticketing platform is a fundamental step to ensure the success of your venue. Clorian is the ticketing platform that provides you with the best solutions to optimise your resources.

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